We are a company specializing in real estate located on the Spanish coast. Sun, sea and the beach… having a property here is a dream that is not so unrealistic. The fact we approve to our customers along many years of our work. With the right approach, buying a home or commercial property on the Spanish coast could become a lucrative and solid investment. We select the best investment opportunities that will bring a permanent income in the future. Choose your desired property by applying certain search filters and location, please click here (link to objects page).

We not only sell items from our database, but we also find houses or investment properties taking into account special needs of a particular client. We support throughout the transaction process, from the first visit to the registration in the Land Registry.

The process of buying the property with our support:

  • Selecting the property / ies
  • Viewing of a property
  • The discussion of price and payment method
  • The amount of a first payment/ reservation
  • Designation of the date of purchase
  • Checking charges and mortgages
  • The signing of the deed
  • Registration in the Cadastre
  • Upon request, the administration of the property (see "Property Management" section)

If you are interested in buying a property on the Spanish coast, feel fre to contact us, in a few moments we will respond to your request.