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We are a company specializing in real estate located on the Spanish coast. Sun, sea and the beach… having a property here is a dream that is not so unrealistic. The fact we approve to our customers along many years of our work. With the right approach, buying a home or commercial property on the Spanish coast could become a lucrative and solid investment. We select the best investment opportunities that will bring a permanent income in the future. Choose your desired property by applying certain search filters and location, please click here (link to objects page).

We not only sell items from our database, but we also find houses or investment properties taking into account special needs of a particular client. We support throughout the transaction process, from the first visit to the registration in the Land Registry.

The process of buying the property with our support:

  • Selecting the property / ies
  • Viewing of a property
  • The discussion of price and payment method
  • The amount of a first payment/ reservation
  • Designation of the date of purchase
  • Checking charges and mortgages
  • The signing of the deed
  • Registration in the Cadastre
  • Upon request, the administration of the property (see "Property Management" section)

If you are interested in buying a property on the Spanish coast, feel fre to contact us, in a few moments we will respond to your request.

Short-term rentals

Spanish Coast - one of the most popular destinations to spend summer vacation in Europe. Villas and apartments - the main object that attracts the attention of tourists. Beach season on the Catalonia coasts lasts from early May to late September. However, the best months to enjoy summer holidays are July and August, during this period rental prices reach their absolute peak.

Renting apartments and villas on the Spanish coast during short-term means a period of maximum 3 months. As a general rule, short-term rental is focused on tourists; business travelers and students. Our main criteria in the selection of the apartments are: good location, perfect technical condition, availability of all necessary facilities. We always ensure that our apartments are perfectly clean and that customers stay in a comfortable and safe environment.

We are always glad to find an accommodation to meet your requirements. Our search system is easy to use, but if you do not find something in our database please send us your message by filling an application form and we will contact you shortly.

Long-term rentals

Rental properties in a long term starts from a period of 3 months and more. Standard contracts are signed for a period of 1 year, with automatic extension of up to 3 years. According to Spanish law, after the first 6 months of rent, the tenant has a right to finish the contract. In practice, in most of the cases, owners sign the contracts for a minimum stay of 1 year, writing that point as the condition in the contract. If this condition of the contract is not respected by the tenant, the owner has a right to keep security deposit.

In the standard contract the amount of the security deposit (fianza) is 2 months. In some cases, landlords ask for 3 months or more, depending on the value of the property and its’ furniture.

We support our customers during the entire process of rent.

Contact us and we will shortly respond to your request.

If you own the property and want to work with us, please visit this pagefor the owners.


Property administration

Property Administration is a necessary service for those who like to save their time and need an effective control over their property located on the territory of the Spanish coast.

We monitor the timely payment of bills for: utilities, house maintenance and municipal taxes. We concentrate under the selection of a conscientious and responsible personnel, insurance companies, security/ alarm system. We are always in contact with the administration of urbanization / condominium participating in the discussion of issues related to your property.

Being our client makes you feel safe in another country, without worrying about your property in Spain and feeling the full control under the situation.

We accept orders for residential and commercial projects for construction and reforms. We schedule consultations with local architects concerning the possibility of obtaining a license. Having made these fundamental steps, we proceed to the execution of the project. Our rational approach allows both the customer justify his investments with the successful outcome, and us by keeping a strong business relationship with a client for many years.

Knowing the specifics of the Spanish property market and local law allows us effectively answer any question.

Our company is engaged in construction and reforms on the coast of Spain in collaboration with architects and interior designers. We also work with exclusive brands such as Roberto Cavalli Home, Fendi Home, with equal to showroom’s prices.

If you are interested in carrying out construction or reform on the Spanish coast, please don’t hesitate to contact us, in a few moments we will respond to your request.

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