Hotel in Darnius (Girona)

  • A hotel in Darnius (Girona) is for sale. It is situated on the area of 30 470 m2 and has got 4 buildings and sports areas. The first building includes a hall, cafe bar, reception area, bathrooms, service rooms, 11 double rooms with bathrooms and access to the garden. The second building has got individual apartment with living room, kitchen, two bedrooms and bathroom. The third building has got a restaurant with reception area and kitchen. The fourth building contains bathrooms and bars, and it is adjoined to the restaurant. The sports areas include two tennis courts, a football court, a swimming pool and sauna.
    The sports areas can be redesigned into a sports club for playing tennis. It is also suitable  for a camping area (there is high demand).
    The hotel is not far from Boadella reservoir. It makes the hotel very attractive for those who love water sports.



    Private swimming pool



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