Security systems are an effective option to protect a home, and all objects and possessions that are stored in it.

Increasingly, families are making security one of their priorities. That's why the alarms business, security cameras and sensors have exploded. In this article we are going to look some of the reasons why it is worth to shell out money in quality safety equipment.

The famous deterrent effect

Whether effective or not, homes with a security system are often avoided by thieves, who prefer to enter homes where there are no alarms.

Alarms connected to a central reception area capable to managing emergencies offer a greater amount of difficulty and risk, so that homes that do not have these types of security are more vulnerable and susceptible to possible thefts.

The vacations

The economic crisis is loosening a little bit, and many people are already dreaming of a well-deserved vacation. What is the problem? These houses remain empty for a few weeks, and for the lucky ones, a few months, so they are perfect targets for different crimes, such as assaults or squatters.

Many security systems are able to monitor homes, and have fairly strict control of what is happening there, and to check if there is any anomaly that has to be reported to the police.

The family

One of the most feared crimes is the assault when the owners are inside. These types of extreme situations are very rare, but a security system can be a determining safety factor in this moments.

Fire. Gas. Smoke

There are all kinds of security methods, including those that are not related to a crime. For example, fire. It should be basic in every home to have a smoke, gas and fire detector to have the security of being able to react in this situation.

Dependent people

Certain elderly or sick people can have different kinds of needs that need to be covered. It is becoming increasingly popular to provide these people with instruments that allow them to have control of warning and to be in contact with the medical service. Such systems can be very helpful for the independence, and extremely important in a critical incident.

Entry assaults

Avoiding unexpected encounters when arriving at home can be done with security systems able to detect the movement around, and warning of any novelty straight in your mobile.


Entrance of squats in a house can be a very unpleasant situation, and can be perpetuated in time. Alarm systems allow you to anticipate events and act as quickly as possible to avoid intruders.

Services of Spain Coasts

Spain Costas offers a big number of additional services apart of the strictly real estate management. One of them is security advice. This real estate company works with companies such as Securitas Direct, and gives all the necessary advice for the installation of this kind of protection mechanisms in the home.

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