The Mediterranean Coast, a Michelin-starred restaurants area

The Mediterranean coast is bathed by great restaurants, and we have to advise our foodie customers. Here we record five of them.

Year after year our coast restaurants demonstrate their high quality with the recognition of the most important gastronomic guide; Michelin. Many restaurants have received one or more stars, and in this article we will review some of them, since we believe that excellence and exclusivity fits perfectly with our customers.

1. Lasarte

Michelin stars: ***

Location: Barcelona

Martin Berasategui is a name that does not go unnoticed by food lovers. Lasarte restaurant is already a reference in the city and the country, and it is a space of personal creation located in the heart of L'Eixample, Barcelona.

Being the first restaurant in Barcelona with 3 stars, it offers an excellent tasting menu. Paolo Casagrande, Italian chef, takes care of the day by day, with dishes of great elegance, which take care of the aesthetics, and gives a great variety of spectacular flavours.

2. Sant Pau

Michelin stars: ***

Location: Sant Pol de Mar

In the region of Maresme there is a restaurant that has the signature of Carme Ruscalleda, and that is bigger words. Located near the sea, and within the picturesque town of Sant Pol de Mar, the most starry woman chef offers proximity product with large doses of innovative cuisine.

3. Miramar

Michelin stars: **

Location: Llançà

Miramar is a restaurant of great prestige in the north of Catalunya, in the town of Llançà. Paco Pérez is the main chef, and ensures the quality and mastery of his cuisine with a great team of professionals, and with the invaluable learning from Ferran Adrià, the chef par excellence.

Its cuisine is characterized by traditional sea dishes, with great elegance and detail.

4. Enoteca

Michelin stars: **

Location: Barcelona

Paco Pérez presents us his second restaurant with two Michelin stars. Located within the Arts Hotel, near the beach, this space offers luxury and seafaring cuisine.

It combines traditional and avant-garde cuisine, has been able to put in the gastronomic panorama an animal like the sea cucumber, and is able to make an exquisite rice with lobster for the most purists.

5. Moments

Michelin stars: **

Location: Barcelona

The children sometimes learn the best of their mothers, and this is the case of Raül Balam, son of Carme Ruscalleda and chef of Moments, a restaurant with an innovative but deeply Catalan cuisine, with dishes such as beef stew with fairy ring mushrooms or Maresme prawns with tomato confit petals, natural bouquet and pine nuts.

Extra: El Celler de Can Roca

Michelin stars: ***

Location: Girona

Even if it is not in the coast, there is a restaurant that deserves a special mention, and it is the Celler de Can Roca, in the wonderful city of Girona.

Joan (the salty), Josep (the liquid) and Jordi (the sweet), are the most famous brothers of Catalonia, they are the Roca. Its restaurant has achieved world-wide fame with its mixture of traditional cuisine with the most avant-garde techniques. This free style seeks to excite the most selected plates, taking care of every detail as a unique experience.

Juli Alsinet Hernando || Barcelona


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The Mediterranean Coast, a Michelin-starred restaurants area

The Mediterranean coast is bathed by great restaurants, and we have to advise our foodie customers. Here we record five of them. Year after year our coast restaurants...