Home design trends for this 2017

In this blog entry we present you the home design trends for this 2017.


- Pantone is the benchmark in colours, and this year follows the same style as last year. For the most absent-minded, this means following youthful and fresh colours, away from the social stress of recent years. As a star colour it is presented the Greenery green, soft and relaxing.

- Another interesting point to take consideration is to include daring colours in common areas, such as the living room, with the intention of breaking the usual monotony. These colours can be yellow, orange or fuchsia, for example.

The light

- Connect spaces. Every time the light is valued more, and the creation of diaphanous spaces combining rooms is more followed. Sharing life with other people leads to this kind of modern solutions.

- Light cables are beginning to be trendy thanks to its functional and decorative mix.

- Another element increasingly used is the indirect light, which provides warmth and well-being. Some examples can be the lights inside the furniture, which make life easier at the same time that they stand out.


- Grey is the colour for dormitories, in any hue. It is an elegant colour that breaks the home monotony and at the same time offers a very acceptable light level and space perception.

- Returning to vintage style, we see chester bedheads, upholstered in warm fabrics or padded with buttons begin to be seen again, leaving behind the extremely simple futuristic style.


- Synthetic carpets gain followers because of their functionality, since they are easy to wash.

- Small armchairs combined with the kitchen begin to have their space because of their comfort.

- Vintage style remains: ceramic floors, metallic finishes and marbles with wood.

- Wood has a transcendental meaning, because it breaks the monochrome tone and gives a warmer perception.

- Functionality is an elementary factor of new kitchens. Space to put recycling boxes, laundry, or the typical cleaning products we accumulate inside furniture are some examples.


- Following the logic of light, transparent glass doors offer a sense of space that wooden doors do not give.

- Prints of all kinds, especially with floral motifs, give colour and warmth to the house, and are very customizable.

- Geometric shapes are again in fashion with all kind of decorative elements: tables, lamps, carpets, etc. The retro style is responsible of this trend.

- Copper will repeat itself as a decorative element par excellence, since it is very simple and at the same time elegant and cheap.

Juli Alsinet Hernando || Barcelona


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Home design trends for this 2017

In this blog entry we present you the home design trends for this 2017. Colors - Pantone is the benchmark in colours, and this year follows the same style as last year. For...