Documents needed to sell a property

There are several documents needed to make a property sale, and Spain Costas helps you to solve them all.

Good time for the seller

Summer is coming with the second half of the year, the most active real estate market time. That's why it's a good time to do all the necessary paperwork to reach this period with everything ready to find the best operations.

To start this process, it is essential to get informed about the procedures and documents required, something that it is not always as simple and fast as we originally imagined.

Spain Costas gives you support and coverage in this process in which you must also contact an architect or engineer to do the more technical procedures.

Mainly, there are three essential documents:

The energy certificate

This is one of the first technical procedures to be carried out. The full name is Energy Efficiency Certificate. It is necessary to have it before putting the property for sale, as this requirement is mandatory to announce it, either via online or with Spain Costas directly.

The CEE is not very expensive, and it is done once the technician visits the property to check the state. From there, and depending on the location, the resolution will takes few days. What we are going to obtain is the apartment qualification and the certificate from the autonomous community where it is located.

Certificate of occupancy

The municipality where the property in question is located must grant a first or second occupation license once it has checked the habitability of the dwelling. This step requires a professional technical report.

It is important to check the status because it may already be granted, expired or denied.

In case of being expired, a new report must be made, and it will be the consistory that will grant, or not, that certificate.

If you do not have a license, you must legalize the property with a technical report. Condition sine qua non to start any sales process.

Real estate valuation

This document is very important for the seller, as it adjusts the selling price to the market reality, saving a price setting below the market, and a possible prolonged sale process in case of placing a price too high.

This professional appraisal, therefore, adjusts the price of housing to the reality of the market.

Spain Costas Role

Spain Costas helps you through this process in collecting papers, contacting with specialists, and processing official documents. Other requirements include the owners’ community statutes, a document that certifies to be up to date with IBI payment, the property deed or the last invoices associated with the property.

Juli Alsinet Hernando || Barcelona


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